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Rekrutierungszentrum Sumiswald, 3454 Sumiswald (BE)

Rekrutierungszentrum Sumiswald

141 beds

702 m above sea level
centre of town/village

Membership-no. K-9254-8368

Plan your club outing or meeting and stay at the Rekrutierungszentrum Sumiswald (canton Bern / Switzerland) in the heart of Emmental.

The 150 beds and modern infrastructure of the army recruitment centre make the venue perfectly suited for holding club outings, rehearsal weekends for singing and music clubs, training camps, seminars and much more.

Our entire centre can be rented as group accommodation or as a conference location during weekends and over the holidays.


  • 5 rooms with 1 bed
  • 30 rooms with 2 beds, thereof 10 with bath/WC
  • 7 rooms with 3 beds, thereof 1 with bath/WC
  • 6 rooms with 4 beds, thereof 1 with bath/WC
  • 6 larger rooms with a maximum of 31 beds
  • 141 wheelchair accessible beds

Type of catering:

  • half board
  • full board
  • tea break


  • 1 meeting room for 8 peolpe comprising 24 m²
  • 1 meeting room for 14 peolpe comprising 36 m²
  • 3 meeting rooms for 50 peolpe comprising 58 m²
  • 1 meeting room for 70 peolpe comprising 85 m²
  • 1 meeting room for 200 peolpe comprising 250 m²
  • 1 dining room for 40 peolpe comprising 82 m²
  • 1 dining room for 100 peolpe comprising 245 m²


  • access is possible by public transport
  • access to the house is possible by privat car
  • access to the house is possible by bus/coach
  • 70 parking lots for cars, thereof 4 suited for buses


  • local sports hall
Theme Travel

Music/Orchestra / Senior Citizens / Disabled / Nonsmoker

Neighbouring localities Altitude Aerial distance
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Weier im Emmental 737 m above sea level 3.5 km
Affoltern im Emmental 801 m above sea level 4.0 km
Wasen im Emmental 752 m above sea level 4.2 km
Rüegsbach 617 m above sea level 4.4 km
Ranflüh 633 m above sea level 4.5 km
Ramsei 599 m above sea level 4.6 km
Lützelflüh-Goldbach 588 m above sea level 5.2 km
Rüderswil 655 m above sea level 5.5 km
Häusernmoos im Emmental 710 m above sea level 5.5 km
Rüegsau 589 m above sea level 5.6 km
Zollbrück 626 m above sea level 6.1 km
Rüegsauschachen 571 m above sea level 6.5 km
Lauperswil 646 m above sea level 7.1 km
Schmidigen-Mühleweg 796 m above sea level 7.1 km
Dürrenroth 698 m above sea level 7.5 km
Heimiswil 614 m above sea level 7.7 km
Heimisbach 614 m above sea level 7.7 km
Hasle b. Burgdorf 569 m above sea level 7.9 km
Hasle-Rüegsau 569 m above sea level 7.9 km
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