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Colonie de Genolier - Maison Lac, 1272 Genolier (VD)

Colonie de Genolier - Maison Lac

20 beds

Lake Geneva
556 m above sea level
remote location

Membership-no. K-8941-7984

Ideally situated between the lake and the mountains, the colony of Genolier - la Maison Lac (in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland) welcomes you to a calm and verdant environment.
The guesthouse consists of a reception-house and three units that can each host 20 guests and can be rented either together or separately. There is also a large park with trees and a playground and barbeque area.
Accessible by public transport and a starting point for many sightseeing tours. This location is most convenient for all those groups that wish to independently discover the region of Nyon.
The colony primarily hosts groups of handicapped people but can likewise accommodate groups such as associations, schools or private parties who wish to profit from an inviting infrastructure and to be in harmony with a natural environment.
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  • 8 rooms with 2 beds
  • 1 dormitory for a maximum of 4 persons
  • 8 wheelchair accessible beds

Type of catering:

  • self-catering


  • 1 common room for 20 peolpe comprising 32 m²
  • 1 dining room for 20 peolpe comprising 35 m²


  • The house is rented to one single group at a time only.


  • access is possible by public transport
  • access to the house is possible by privat car
  • access to the house is possible by bus/coach
  • 2 parking lots for cars, thereof 1 suited for buses


  • adventure playground
Theme Travel

Senior Citizens / Disabled

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