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Emme Lodge, 3550 Langnau im Emmental (BE)

Emme Lodge

42 beds

670 m above sea level
centre of town/village

Membership-no. K-8864-7900

The sightly, 300 year old farmhouse lies in Langnau in the Emmental (canton Bern, Switzerland). It is not far from the UNESCO biosphere reserve Entlebuch, in the middle of the Napf region.
The Emmental with its valleys and hills is ideal for hikers, bikers, nordic walkers and other sport enthusiasts. The almost fogfree climate with many sunny days promise wellness in nature.
The group accommodation offers two dining rooms and a completely equipped kitchen. In the sitting room smaller children will find games and toys. For the older there are billiard, minifoot and an internet terminal in the games room. A further group room is in the annex.
The large, characteristic roof allows you to sit outside despite some rain and to enjoy the clean air and a barbecue or to watch the children play in the garden.
The house is suitable for groups, schools, sport clubs, families as well as individual travellers.


  • 4 rooms with 4 beds
  • 4 larger rooms with a maximum of 26 beds

Type of catering:

  • self-catering
  • bed & breakfast


  • 5 common rooms for 40 peolpe comprising 36 m²
  • 1 dining room for 20 peolpe comprising 25 m²


  • access is possible by public transport
  • access to the house is possible by privat car
  • access to the house is possible by bus/coach
  • 8 parking lots for cars, thereof 1 suited for buses


  • local sports hall
  • adventure playground
Theme Travel

Music/Orchestra / Families/Small Groups / Nonsmoker

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