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Löchli, 9240 Niederglatt SG (SG)


35 beds

Eastern Switzerland
600 m above sea level
remote location

Membership-no. K-8743-7766

In the middle of nature and quietness the holiday house Löchli in Niederglatt (canton St. Gallen, Eastern Switzerland) offers all you desire.

The unique terrain "Löchli" encompasses 1.4 hectares. House-owned mixed forest, brook and pastures invite you to enjoyable strolls and adventurous explorations. The large lawns in front of the house are perfect for games, fun and relaxation.

The Löchli is well suited for camps, company celebrations, family and client events, courses, seminars, holidays, etc.

The house with open chimney radiates a warm and generous atmosphere. Our accommodation can be rented on a weeklly basis.


  • 1 room with 1 bed
  • 9 rooms with 2 beds
  • 1 dormitory for a maximum of 16 persons

Type of catering:

  • self-catering


  • 1 common room for 8 peolpe comprising 20 m²
  • 1 common room for 34 peolpe comprising 55 m²
  • 1 dining room for 30 peolpe comprising 35 m²


  • The house is rented to one single group at a time only.


  • access is possible by public transport
  • 9 parking lots for cars


  • local sports hall
  • playground for ball games
  • adventure playground
  • close to water (river, pond, etc.)
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