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Casa del Pizzò, 6546 Cauco (GR)

Casa del Pizzò

36 beds

939 m above sea level
remote location

Membership-no. K-8176-7127

If you are looking for a rustic but well equipped house with lots of charm, then you are well advised with the Casa del Pizzò in Cauco (Valley of Calanca, Graubünden, Switzerland). The old stone house is situated in an environment which is still to large extent in harmony with nature. The Valley of Calanca belongs to the Southern oriented valleys of the Graubünden, where Italian is spoken. It's a tributary valley to the Misox and is at 25 minutes from Bellinzona.

The rustic bedrooms, the unperilous river Calancasca and our services make a camp to an unforgettable week. The Pfadfinderinnenstiftung (foundation of the girl scouts) manages a centre for meetings and encounters in the Calanca Valley. The group accommodation is appreciated by scout groups, schools and private groups. The managers live on site and offers you support and advice before and during your stay. Rental of complete tent equipments, kitchens, work materials, ropes, tarpaulins and much more.
We can organise for you: work assignments, slide talks, days of adventure, excursions, guided walks, orienteering, etc.


  • 1 room with 4 beds
  • 1 larger room with a maximum of 6 beds
  • 4 dormitories for a maximum of 26 persons

Type of catering:

  • self-catering


  • 1 common room for 30 peolpe comprising 54 m²
  • 1 common room for 30 peolpe comprising 36 m²
  • 1 dining room for 30 peolpe comprising 40 m²


  • The house is rented to one single group at a time only.


  • access is possible by public transport
  • access to the house is possible by privat car
  • access to the house is possible by bus/coach
  • 10 parking lots for cars, thereof 2 suited for buses


  • adventure playground
  • close to water (river, pond, etc.)
Theme Travel

Courses and Projects / Nonsmoker / Pet Lovers

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