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Propstei Wislikofen, 5463 Wislikofen (AG)

Propstei Wislikofen

64 beds

349 m above sea level
remote location

Membership-no. K-6657-5475

Propstei Wislikofen (former collegiate church) - an inspiring place of tranquillity and education

The Propstei Wislikofen is a meeting and education venue with 45 bedrooms and is situated in Wislikofen (Argau, Switzerland) in the midst of wonderful nature, 7km from Bad Zurzach.

All meeting and group rooms are equipped with the best infrastructure and enjoy daylight. They are well suited for conferences, seminars and workshops.

Part of the premises are available for banquets on the occasion of family celebrations, weddings or functions.

The former convent with cloister, collegiate church, tasteful workrooms and gardens still tell us the story of the benedictine roots and the 900 years of history.


  • 27 rooms with 1 bed, thereof 27 with bath/WC
  • 17 rooms with 2 beds, thereof 17 with bath/WC
  • 1 room with 3 beds, thereof 1 with bath/WC

Type of catering:

  • full board
  • tea break


  • Seminar house
  • 2 meeting rooms for 4 peolpe comprising 15 m²
  • 4 meeting rooms for 24 peolpe comprising 35 m²
  • 1 meeting room for 30 peolpe comprising 40 m²
  • 1 meeting room for 60 peolpe comprising 70 m²
  • 1 meeting room for 100 peolpe comprising 120 m²


  • access is possible by public transport
  • access to the house is possible by privat car
  • 40 parking lots for cars


  • local sports hall
Theme Travel

Seminars / Religion/Spirituality / Courses and Projects / Senior Citizens / Nonsmoker / Pet Lovers

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Stadel b. Niederglatt 435 m above sea level 8.6 km
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Wasterkingen 393 m above sea level 9.2 km
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Steinmaur 464 m above sea level 9.6 km
Neerach 427 m above sea level 9.8 km
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