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Cabane Colonie du Grand Val, 2745 Grandval (BE)

Cabane Colonie du Grand Val

77 beds

950 m above sea level
remote location

Membership-no. K-0144-0078

The group accommodation du Grand Val is located close to Moutier (10 km by car) in the Bernese Jura (Switzerland), at a quiet and peaceful location in the middle of the Jura hills.
The furnishing is simple. The sleeping and dining rooms are made of wood.
In front of the house there is a fire place (barbecue and camp fires). Lawn with a volleyball net. Large terrace with table-tennis.
The location is ideal for non-travelling groups. Hikes, short walks, botanical excursions, exploring the animal and plant world. Life in the woods.
The group house is only open from May to November.


  • 1 room with 1 bed
  • 2 rooms with 2 beds
  • 1 room with 4 beds
  • 2 larger rooms with a maximum of 8 beds
  • 4 dormitories for a maximum of 60 persons

Type of catering:

  • self-catering


  • 1 common room


  • The house is rented to one single group at a time only.


  • access to the house is possible by privat car
  • access to the house is possible by bus/coach


  • adventure playground
Theme Travel

Neighbouring localities Altitude Aerial distance
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Moutier 529 m above sea level 4.5 km
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Bévilard 691 m above sea level 11.3 km
Malleray-Bévilard 699 m above sea level 11.9 km
Malleray 699 m above sea level 11.9 km
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