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Gruppenunterkunft Alpstein, 9053 Teufen AR (AR)

Gruppenunterkunft Alpstein

50 beds

Eastern Switzerland
850 m above sea level
edge of town/village

Membership-no. K-10064-9327

The group accommodation Alpstein in Teufen is located in the canton of Appenzell at the edge of the village, 7 km above St. Gallen and 15 km from the Lake of Constance (Switzerland). The regions of Appenzell, St. gallen and the Lake of Constance offer a variety of possibilities for excursions to groups.

The group accommodation is easily accessible by public transport from St. Gallen. 8 to 10 minutes on foot lead you from the train station in Teufen to the house. Direct access by car, 5 parking spaces (including one for people with reduced mobility). Larger public parking lot in the vicinity (200m).

There is one wheelchair accessible bedroom.
Sports facilities, children's playgrounds and the open air swimming pool are accessible within 5 minutes on foot. Different shopping and catering facilities in the nearby village centre.


  • 3 rooms with 1 bed
  • 13 rooms with 2 beds, thereof 1 with bath/WC
  • 1 room with 3 beds
  • 3 rooms with 4 beds
  • 1 larger room with a maximum of 6 beds
  • 1 wheelchair accessible bed

Type of catering:

  • self-catering


  • 1 common room for 7 peolpe comprising 14 m²
  • 1 common room for 8 peolpe comprising 23 m²
  • 1 common room for 16 peolpe comprising 33 m²
  • 1 common room for 16 peolpe comprising 31 m²
  • 1 common room for 24 peolpe comprising 35 m²
  • 1 dining room for 50 peolpe comprising 63 m²


  • access is possible by public transport
  • access to the house is possible by privat car
  • 6 parking lots for cars


  • local sports hall
Theme Travel


Neighbouring localities Altitude Aerial distance
Niederteufen 829 m above sea level 2.6 km
Bühler 824 m above sea level 2.8 km
Haslen AI 738 m above sea level 3.0 km
Lustmühle 780 m above sea level 3.1 km
Stein AR 814 m above sea level 4.2 km
Speicher 910 m above sea level 4.5 km
Gais 933 m above sea level 5.3 km
Speicherschwendi 744 m above sea level 5.4 km
Trogen 903 m above sea level 5.7 km
Hundwil 788 m above sea level 6.2 km
Appenzell 775 m above sea level 6.5 km
Abtwil SG 645 m above sea level 7.1 km
Wald AR 962 m above sea level 7.6 km
Gonten 902 m above sea level 7.7 km
Rehetobel 953 m above sea level 7.8 km
Eggersriet 827 m above sea level 8.3 km
Herisau 771 m above sea level 8.8 km
Waldstatt 820 m above sea level 9.2 km
Weissbad 816 m above sea level 9.3 km
Schwende 838 m above sea level 10.2 km
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