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Ski- und Ferienhaus Alpina, 8767 Elm (GL)

Ski- und Ferienhaus Alpina

50 beds

Eastern Switzerland
1500 m above sea level
edge of town/village

Membership-no. K-0176-0102

The Ski- und Ferienhaus Alpina in Elm (Glarus, Switzerland) is a house for self-caterers, designed for camps, seminars, weekends. In the midst of the vast hiking region Freiberg Kärpf (wildlife reserve and area of protected plants) and with a lot of space for games in the open nature. Sources, rivulets, a mountain lake, rock gardens, woods, Alpine meadows with blueberries and marmots, a suspension railway a hundred meters long, a cottage with free access including a dairyman's stove, and many open fireplaces invite you. Ten minutes on foot to the next Alpine cheese dairy. Opposite of the UNESCO World Heritage Tectonic Area Sardona.
In the living area, the whole house features wood only. No dormitories. 100 m² of terrace. Seminar equipment with video, whiteboard, slide and overhead projector, beamer, Internet.
In summer, free rides with the cable car from four nights on! Shops deliver to the station free of charge. Three minutes away from the peak station, car access for disabled persons.
In winter, the house is situated in the middle of the Elm ski area. Direct access to the ski-runs.


  • 3 rooms with 4 beds, thereof 2 with bath/WC
  • 6 larger rooms with a maximum of 38 beds

Type of catering:

  • self-catering


  • Seminar house
  • 1 meeting room for 40 peolpe comprising 40 m²
  • 1 common room for 20 peolpe comprising 35 m²
  • 1 dining room for 60 peolpe comprising 55 m²


  • The house is rented to one single group at a time only.


  • access is possible by public transport
  • access to the house is possible by privat car
  • 2 parking lots for cars


  • on the ski slopes or in ski resort
  • local sports hall
  • adventure playground
Theme Travel

Seminars / Wintersport / Nonsmoker

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